Anne-Marie Southcombe

Online - Wise Women Circle

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For years I’ve been thinking about organising events like this, that are just for women but for some reason I was a little resistant or maybe even scared, so I kept putting in on the back burner. However, over the past year, it became something I just couldn’t ignore anymore so here we are.

There is so much that is wrong in the world at the moment that I often feel at a loss just thinking about it. Without getting into it all, it is apparent that there is a great need for healing on a massive scale, in all areas of life. I particular, I wish to focus on women because I believe that some of the healing that is required, will happen through women supporting women.

Over the years, I have attended many circles and courses for women and have experienced first hand the transformation and deep healing that can happen through connection with and support of each other.

Concept of women’s circles

For thousands of years, women have gathered in circle to share wisdom and experience, to support each other and to celebrate and honour rites of passage, menstrual cycles, moon cycles, seasonal cycles and the change of life. Unfortunately these circles started to dwindle for various reasons but in recent years there has been a rekindling of circles happening around the world. 

In all humans there exists masculine and feminine energies. But in today’s society, it’s largely the masculine that is honoured and respected. It is time we also acknowledged and honoured the power of the feminine too.

A women’s circle is essentially a safe space where women of all ages can come together to share their wisdom and life experience, to express their emotions and feelings, and to embrace the Divine Feminine


Each session will have a theme which we may explore through journaling, sharing or discussion.  I hope to invite guest speakers to join us for some of the sessions too, to further enrich our circles.

Guidelines of the circle

  • In the circle no one is higher than the other
  • Everything that is shared is confidential.
  • When someone is sharing we don’t interrupt their process or offer advice.
  • When someone is sharing we simply listen with compassion.