The Medicine Path – Shamanic Foundation Course

The Medicine Path - Shamanic Foundation Training

This training, facilitated by Veronica Larsson and Anne-Marie Southcombe, blends the most healing and empowering teachings from our individual and shared journeys, offering you a rich tapestry of shamanism, energy medicine, and wisdom. 
A deeply healing and empowering journey through shamanic practices, tools, deep natural energy medicine, ceremony, and connection, in real life, not online. 
This training is both practical, theoretical, and most of all, experiential. It is an invitation to discover your own unique medicine and gifts, and how you may walk the medicine path in alignment with your soul’s highest purpose and capacity. We believe that each soul here has the capacity to remember, call forth, and conjure the ancient wisdom and knowing available to us all, through nature, through our bodies, our minds and innate intelligence. 
This training provides a sacred, safe space for your innate intelligence to come back online in your body-mind so that you can make an empowered choice in working with natural shamanic medicine, as well as in other areas of your life. Each module, practice, teaching, ceremony, and tool included in this training together form the sacred circle space through which these practices and teachings are fully integrated. 
The one aim is to facilitate the honing of your unique gifts, expressions, service, and deep medicine that is emerging or expanding and taking form at this time. 
Module 1: April 12th – 14th 
Module 2: May 17th – 19th
Module 3: June 28th – 30th
Module 4: July 25th – 28th
Module 5: Aug 29th – Sept 1st
Module 6: October 3th – 6th
Venue: TBC
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