Shamanic Foundation Training 2024

The Medicine Path

A deeply healing and empowering journey through shamanic practices, tools, deep natural energy medicine, ceremony, and connection.

This training is both practical, theoretical and most of all, experiential.

It is an invitation to discover your own unique medicine and gifts, and how you may walk the medicine path in alignment with your souls highest purpose and capacity.

We believe that each soul here has the capacity to remember, call forth, and conjure the ancient wisdom and knowing available to us all, through nature, through our bodies, our minds and innate intelligence.

This training provides a sacred, safe space for your innate intelligence to come back online in your body-mind, so that you can make an empowered choice in working with natural shamanic medicine, as well as in other areas of your life.

Each module, each practice, teaching, ceremony and tool included in this training together form the sacred circle space through which these practices and teachings are fully integrated. 

The one aim is to facilitate the honing of your unique gifts, expressions, service and deep medicine

that is emerging or expanding and taking form at this time.

Curriculum - What you will learn


  • The medicine wheel: working with the directions and the elements.
  • Circle, sharing, ceremony; sacred ways for deep medicine & connection
  • Shamanic Breath-work
  • Calling on and working with the ancestors
  • Fire ceremony and firewalking (the walking is optional) 
  • Somatic practices for body-mind and nervous system healing integration
  • Introduction to Munay-ki Rites
  • Journeying with the drum
  • Guided meditation journeys and transmissions
  • Vision Quest
  • Working with nature, the land, and sacred sites
  • Ceremony: specific to the content and the journey of the training
  • Sound – voice – the word – alchemical laws of creation – soul power
  • Tools and techniques for working with Self and others
  • Alchemy of laws of Creation – the word; sound, choice, prayer
  • Deep invitation and opportunity for individual growth, healing and the transmuting of karma, trauma, conditioning, shadows and blindspots

Modules - Dates


Booking options

  • Full training: Includes all 6 modules: €2500 – Deposit: €400, each module: €350
  • Attend one module: €420 (this option is available for all the modules except module 5)
  • Attend one day: €144

Options to book the full course or individual modules and days

UPDATE on location details mentioned in the above video: For ease of accessibility ALL modules will now take place in Sligo (not Waterford)

Full Overview of Course

  • The Power of Intention: Explore the transformative potential of intention-setting in shamanic practices. Understand how intention shapes energy and influences the outcome of rituals. Cultivate the skill of consciously directing energy and intention for personal and collective healing. 
  • Medicine Wheel and Elemental Connection: Overview of the Medicine Wheel and connecting with the directions and elemental energies. Understanding the symbolic and practical significance of each aspect of the wheel. Learn how to invoke and connect with the natural forces and energies represented by the wheel.
  • Ceremony: Introduction to shamanic ceremonies for prayer and healing. Engage in specially designed ceremonies, tailored to the course content, for personal healing, empowerment and connection.
  • Shamanic Rites/Initiations: Receive foundation rites; ancient energetic transmissions for spiritual evolution.
  • Sacred Sharing Circle: Experience the power of circle; supportive and sacred space for participants to share experiences, insights, and spiritual journeys. Benefit from a deep sense of community, belonging and interconnectedness.
  • Drum Journeys: Experience the rhythmic heartbeat of the drum as a tool for entering altered states of consciousness. Shamanic drumming may be used for wisdom, self-discovery, and connection with guides.
  • Meditation Journeys: Experience guided meditation and transmissions for spiritual insight, exploration and connection with universal and inner wisdom.
  • Breathwork: Engage in shamanic breathwork to unlock altered states of consciousness and facilitate healing. Explore the power of deep release through rhythmic breathing.
  • Ancestral Healing and Connection: Understand the importance of ancestral connection for personal and collective health and well-being. Delve into practices for connecting with and honouring ancestral wisdom. Cultivate a deepened connection with your lineages. Tap into the roots of ancient knowledge for guidance.
  • Visit Sacred Site(s): Embark on a pilgrimage to a sacred site in Ireland, connecting with its energy and significance. Integrate shamanic practices within the context of the ancient Irish landscape.
  • Connection with Nature: Attune to the sacredness of the land and the natural world in shamanic exploration. Embrace the wisdom of nature through plant, tree, animal and element. Deepen your connection with nature through practices involving the land, trees, plants and waters. 
  • Somatic Practices, including Voice: Somatic techniques for body-mind integration, including touch, breath, and voice. Explore the interconnectedness of body, mind and nervous system. Harness the power of the voice for healing and self-expression.
  • Practices and Techniques Integration: Develop skills for energy clearing, protection, and working with sacred tools. Learn hands-on shamanic techniques applicable for personal and communal healing. Integrate learned practices and techniques into daily life.
  • Vision Quest: Undertake a vision quest for personal revelation, clarity, and spiritual guidance. Embrace solitude and communion with nature during this transformative experience. Note: Involves fasting and and spending a night outdoors. While this is a solitary experience, facilitators will be available to support participants if need be.
  • Firewalking Ceremony: Participate in a firewalking ceremony for personal transformation and empowerment. A unique opportunity for introspection, release of emotional blockages and a shift in perspective.Embrace the challenge of walking across the fire, if chosen, as a powerful metaphor for overcoming fears.
  • Alchemy of the laws of creation: The intentional application of spiritual principles using the power of spoken word, sound vibration, conscious choice, and prayer. This course offers a profound invitation for individual growth and healing, leading to the transmutation of karma, trauma, conditioning, shadows and blind spots. 

Options to book the full course or individual modules and days


Anne-Marie Southcombe

Anne-Marie, originally from Dublin, has called the scenic county of Sligo home since 2006, where she resides with her husband and kids. Despite the twists in her career, the transformative powers of yoga, energy medicine, and shamanism have shaped her life, fostering a profound connection to nature and spirit.

Anne-Marie is driven by experiential learning and a curiosity for life's mysteries, empowering individuals on their journey to joy and self-acceptance. Since 2009, she has embarked on a holistic health journey, exploring yoga, subtle body anatomy, women's health, energy medicine, life coaching, and shamanism.

Anne-Marie finds her greatest joy in quality time with loved ones and immersing herself in nature, exploring woods and beaches. Her love for nature, coupled with a passion for music, art, singing, dancing, and creative expression, shapes her conscious and meaningful life.

Currently Anne-Marie leads individual sessions in diverse healing and therapeutic practices. Additionally, she facilitates courses, workshops, and events covering shamanism, ancestral healing, women's empowerment, personal development, self-care, yoga, breathwork, and meditation. On a weekly basis, she conducts yoga classes in Ballisodare.


An ex subtle body yoga teacher trainer, my service now is as a practical alchemist and natural medicine woman. The work facilitates knowing oneself as the perfect creation in God’s image in manifest reality; immensely, innately intelligent and pure magnificent love and aliveness. Interested only in present-moment truth, Veronica works through words of the principles and laws of creation ever present in all living things to facilitate deep nervous system healing, karma- and trauma release and transmuting conditioning without effort; free from dogma, delusion, concepts and ideology; but with distinctive choice! The alive splendor of God's Creation we are remains self-evident.

Scoliosis necessitated a life of in-depth exploration of the body-mind-spirit nature of reality. A 25 year healing journey and 2300 contact hours of training and certifying in Yoga and meditation, Lightbody Teacher Training, Journey (!) Practitioner Training (Brandon Bays: cellular emotional healing, NLP, and Enneagram), Shamanic Medicine Woman Training, and Firewalking instructor Training, amongst many other mind-body modalities, such as authentic movement and dance, breath-work, voice work, Qi Gong, fasting, Vipassana and Sumara meditation. Opening an organic award winning restaurant in Ojai, CA, as well as almost dying from organ failure and open abdominal surgery was a true awakening. An astonishing and humbling adventure, all in all, this gift of life!

The concept of the “Medicine Path”
The concept of the “medicine path” holds profound significance within diverse indigenous and spiritual traditions. It refers to a personal journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth. 
The term “medicine” here, carries a rich and multifaceted significance. It goes beyond the Western understanding of medicine as a remedy for physical ailments and delves into a broader spiritual, energetic and symbolic essence. It refers to the inherent power, wisdom, and healing energy present in all aspects of existence – plants, animals, elements, and even experiences.  
It reflects a deep understanding that everything in the universe is interconnected. It emphasises living in harmony with nature, acknowledging the wisdom embedded in the earth, and recognising that everything is imbued with a sacred and healing essence.
Embarking on the “medicine path” involves a commitment to exploring one’s inner landscape, connecting with the natural world, and seeking harmony with the spiritual realm. It often includes practices such as ceremonies, rituals, meditation, and interactions with elements of nature, like plants, animals, and sacred spaces. These experiences are believed to offer insights, guidance, and a deeper understanding of oneself and the interconnectedness of all life.
The medicine path is highly individualised, with each person navigating their unique journey. It may involve challenges and transformative experiences that contribute to personal and spiritual growth. Many indigenous cultures view the medicine path as a sacred and lifelong pursuit, guiding individuals towards balance, wisdom, and a harmonious existence within the web of life.
Irish Traditions and Spiritual Quest
In the context of Irish spirituality and traditions, there isn’t a direct equivalent term to the “medicine path” found in some indigenous cultures. However, Irish spirituality is deeply rooted in nature, folklore, and a sense of interconnectedness with the land and its elements. 
There are concepts and practices within Celtic and Irish traditions that align with the broader idea of a spiritual journey or quest for wisdom. This involves a personal exploration of one’s relationship with the natural world, the divine, and the self. Just like the concept of the “Medicine path”, individuals might embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth through practices such as, connecting with nature, participating in rituals and ceremonies, and exploring the rich mythology and symbolism embedded in the landscape. Druidic practices, for example, involve seeking wisdom and guidance from the natural elements, sacred trees, and the land. The ancient Celtic concept of “thin places” refers to locations where the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is believed to be thin, allowing for a heightened sense of connection and insight.
While the terminology may differ, the essence of a personal and spiritual journey in harmony with nature is a theme that resonates in various forms across different cultural and spiritual traditions, including Irish spirituality.

Options to book the full course or individual modules and days

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