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I started offering one to one life coaching sessions in 2016. Since then, I have worked with many different types of people including entrepreneurs, business owners, sole traders, employees, yoga teachers, surfers, school leavers, college students, parents, brides and also cancer survivors

When possible I like to meet clients in a relaxed non-formal venue where we can sit and chat comfortably and confidentially about their life or a specific area of their life.

However, it is just as easy to conduct a life coaching session over the phone or online, using skype or zoom, etc.  The most important thing is that the client has an opportunity to explore their agenda fully. I listen carefully, respectfully, intuitively, and non-judgmentally. I will also ask questions to help the client access deeper information or a different perspective. Support, encouragement, and accountability are crucial when choosing meaningful, brave, and creative goals or the most effective way forward.

I am passionate about empowering others and life coaching has proven to be a very effective tool in bringing about positive change in a person’s life. For more information on the prices see Coaching Packages below.

If meeting in person is not a possibility, Skype, Zoom or coaching over the phone is also an option.

Appointments must be made in advance

one to one life coaching - Sligo life coach - Anne-Marie Southcombe

Coaching Packages

The new client package consists of 4 coaching sessions. Each session is approx 1 hour long. A minimum of one week or a maximum of three weeks is required between sessions. 

Investment: €234 (choose the membership option when booking)

Life coaching is a process – not a quick fix. For coaching to be most effective, a good relationship between the coach and the client is required. I usually have a chat with a new client before we agree to work together.  You can contact me on the email below to schedule a call

Once you have had your 4 initial coaching sessions with me, you may be ready to go it alone for a while. However if at any stage you require a follow-up session, simply get in touch to book your session.


€65 for 1 hour

€95 for 1.5 hours

If you would like to continue receiving coaching on an ongoing basis after your initial four sessions, just let me know and we can chat about a structure and time frame that works best for you. 

Investment: €65 per hour

I have helped clients to...

Start their own business

Change careers

Make tough business decisions

Decide what to do when leaving school

Value themselves & enhance self worth

Increase self confidence

Find life fulfilment & purpose

Overcome fear of failure

Please note that Executive & Life Coaching is not a substitute for counselling or other talk type therapies.

what my clients say...
I worked with Anne-Marie as my life coach for a little over a year. This was during a period of immense pressure in my life with a young family, very challenging professional situation and I also started competing in Olympic Trap shooting with some grand ambitions for what I could achieve in the sport. Anne-Marie's coaching was invaluable. It took me a while to realise that slowing down and connecting with who I am and what I truly want was actually the key to unlocking much greater productivity and in fact the manifestations I wanted began coming thick and fast! Highly recommend Anne-Marie's life coaching no matter what your challenges are!
One to One Sessions

Life Coaching Workshops for Groups

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