Healing Therapies

Intuitive Energy Healing

Over the past few years, I have been exploring various healing modalities and developing intuitive energy techniques to help people access the wisdom of their bodies and spirit to enable healing.

This work can be used to investigate the cause of physical pain and to bring awareness to the areas of the client’s life that may be off-balance or in need of attention. Clients have found it to be incredibly useful.

Combining intuitive inquiry and energy healing methods, I work with the client and their innate wisdom.  

During the session, the client can lie down or sit comfortably. I gently guide them into a state of relaxation and then start the inquiry process. It is very simple, very relaxing, and can even be done over the phone.

Each session takes from one to two hours on average but can be tailored accordingly. Pricing below.

Rahanni Celestial Healing​

Known for its calming, therapeutic, and stress-relieving effects, Rahanni Celestial Healing is a very gentle, high vibration, hands-on, healing modality that operates on a very deep level. 

During a session, the client is invited to relax on a plinth or in a chair while I place my hands on (or over) various areas of the body whilst channeling Rahanni Celestial healing energy. 

The Rahanni energy helps to balance, heal and harmonise the body, mind and spirit. 

30 minute or 60 minute sessions are availble. Pricing below

Soul Retrieval ​

Have you ever felt like a part of you is missing or that you’ve lost your spark?

Every person has experienced some level of trauma in their life. Even small, seemingly insignificant traumas can lead to a person feeling stuck, dissociated, or like a part of themselves is missing. 

Soul retrieval is a shamanic healing practice where the healer helps to locate, retrieve and reintegrate parts of the client’s soul essence that may have dissociated. This helps to restore the client’s balance, power, and vitality. 

Shamanic Energy Practices

Other gentle energy practices such as breathwork, shamanic journeying and rebirthing may be included in a healing session as and when needed. 

Healing Therapies Prices

In-person sessions are available in Sligo. Please contact me for availability and further details. 

Intuitive Energy Work and Life Coaching are also available online via Zoom or Skype. The pricing structure remains the same.