Anne-Marie Southcombe

Group Facilitation

For upcoming events please see the event tab in the main menu. If you are organising a private event and wish to avail of any of the following services, please get in touch with me via email.

Fire Ceremonies

Whether to honour your loved ones, to celebrate a special event or set intentions, a sacred fire ceremony is a beautiful way to bring community together. Sometimes I hold community fire ceremonies. If you'd like to attend the next one, simply get in touch for dates and details

Women's Circles

A women’s circle is essentially a safe space where women of all ages can come together to share their wisdom and life experience, to express their emotions and feelings, to embrace their Divine Feminine and hold space for each other.

Yoga & Meditation

For information on upcoming yoga and meditation classes please see the Yoga section in the main menu above.

Wellness Retreats

I create unique and special day-long or weekend retreats that usually include a combination of yoga, meditation, wellness practices, journey work, and more. See schedule (link below) for upcoming events or inquire by email.

Life Coaching Workshops

Interesting and varied workshops for corporate, community, social groups, and independently organised groups of people. The workshops can be tailored to the group and are always presented in a thoughtful, sensitive, and welcoming way. Topics include (but are not limited to) self-care, decreasing stress, identifying strengths, creating vision boards, changing life habits, goal setting, and more.