Connection Sessions

The Connection Sessions is a series of interactive, online talks. Its like a podcast except you get to be there to engage and even ask your own questions. I love connecting with interesting people, hearing their stories and having deep conversation about the stuff that matters. The people I chat to are from all walks of life.  We talk about everything from work, life style and personal development, to the challenges they have overcome and what brings them joy. Some of speakers will speak about their passion, purpose and motivations. Some will share their personal stories. Some will convey the teachings and practices they find useful. You may even get to participate in some guided exercises.

My intention for these sessions is provide a platform for people to share their life experience; for the listeners to hear and engage with inspiring and empowering stories and at the very least to connect with something interesting.

Guest Speakers

Catherine Whitehead is a life coach, a Louise L. Hay ‘Heal Your Life’ teacher and workshop facilitator. She believes that we all have, within ourselves, both the desire and the ability to live a wonderful life, regardless of where we have come from and what obstacles we may have faced in the past. 

She believes that we are all connected to that which created us; our God, Source Energy or Universe, which is a creative, loving, giving essence. This bond is never broken. 

However due to early conditioning and outside influences we can sometimes come to believe that we are separate from that which created us. We can come to believe that there is something wrong with us and that perhaps we do not even deserve to have a wonderful life.

It is Catherine’s passion to guide people to the full knowledge of their truth and beauty. We are vibrational beings, and we send out a vibration into the world, which, by the Law of Attraction, is matched and returned to us. 

If we are sending out vibrations of fear and anger, we will find reasons in our lives to feel more of these emotions, and even evidence that we were right to feel them, so continuing the painful cycle. 

If, however we send out vibrations of trust, peace, joy and acceptance, then this is what is reflected to us in our lives. It is up to us to choose what we wish to experience more of.

She will be delighted to discuss and chat about these concepts in our Connection Session. You can listen in live and there’ll be time for questions too. Book now by clicking here

Introducing our next guest speaker, James O’Halloran who is an incredible life coach with a passion for helping people “discover the very best in themselves, and in others, so they can create a life that is more rewarding and fulfilled”. This often translates into meaningful work. What exactly is meaningful work and how do we find it? We’ll be chatting about this and other stuff. You can listen in live and there’ll be time for questions too. Click here to attend this event

Aside from running his own business, James, a father of 2 living in Bristol, is also an avid rock climber, cyclist, runner, adventurer, yoga practitioner, and meditator. You can find out more about James from his website here:

Announcing the first in this series of interactive online (Zoom) talks and I’d like to introduce Kathryn O’Halloran of Mindful Way as my first guest. Kathryn is a beautiful, compassionate, and interesting human being who is committed to practicing mindfulness in her own life as a busy working mum. She is very passionate about sharing these practical and supportive tools with others. Her teaching style is infused with gentle guidance to nurture self-compassion, a life-enhancing and transformational skill. We’ll be chatting about her life and her experience of practicing and working with mindfulness. To attend this event click here

You can find more information on Kathryn from her website

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