Anne-Marie Southcombe

Coaching Packages

The new client package consists of 4 coaching sessions. Each session is approx 1 hour long. A minimum of one week or a maximum of three weeks is required between sessions. 

Investment: €200 

Life coaching is a process – not a quick fix. For coaching to be most effective, a good relationship between the coach and the client is required. I usually have a chat with a new client before we agree to work together.  You can contact me on the email below to schedule a call

Once you have had your 4 initial coaching sessions with me, you may be ready to go it alone for a while. However if at any stage you require a follow-up session, simply get in touch to book your session.


€60 for 1 hour

€70 for 1.5 hours


If you would like to continue receiving coaching on an ongoing basis after your initial four sessions, just let me know and we can chat about a structure and time frame that works best for you. 

Investment: €50 per hour

So what is it? It is a simple inquiry technique used to identify and understand the emotional, psychological, or life-circumstance causes of chronic pain and physical ailments in the body. It is based on the fundamental principals of yoga, meditation and your own innate wisdom. While the technique is not by itself curative, it opens up your awareness to the areas of your life that may be off-balance or in need of attention. For more information click here


€60 per hour