“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us” ~ Marianne Williamson

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One to One Life Coaching

Confidential one to one life coaching sessions either in person, online or over the phone

Yoga & Meditation

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Coaching through Body Awareness

Unique, guided one to one sessions to discover your inner body wisdom

Group Workshops

Unique & varied workshops for corporate, community, social or independently organised groups of people

Connection Sessions

This is an ongoing series of online interactive talks with interesting people on various topics

The Wise Woman Events

Women's circles, collaborative talks, discussions and workshops

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What my clients say...

"It heightened my self-awareness and my capacity to change. The exercises and tool-kit are items that I visit each day. I have begun to build these into my daily life, as they have value when I need them most. The course showed me how I can help myself and the weekly review kept me on my toes"

Attended "Project Me" series of workshops

"Absolutely brilliant. the best present I have ever been given or given myself. Really informative and practical ideas. The process really made me realise all the positive aspects of my life. It also made me realise one negative that was infringing on very personal aspects of my life & relationships. A real life changer as so many processes were involved – thought, written, physical, mental. A truly lovely experience.

Attended "You First" Workshop

"I would describe it as a journey of self-awareness to a healthier, happier Me (i.e. Project Me). When I am happier, more focused etc, everything in my life (home, marriage, personal goals, work) fits and functions better and that is down to you Anne-Marie. Well done and thank you for your guidance and direction in a non-judgmental manner. It has been excellent"

Annie O’Loughlin
Attended "Project Me" series of workshops

"I worked with Anne-Marie as my life coach for a little over a year. This was during a period of immense pressure in my life with a young family, very challenging professional situation and I also started competing in Olympic Trap shooting with some grand ambitions for what I could achieve in the sport. Anne-Marie's coaching was invaluable. It took me a while to realise that slowing down and connecting with who I am and what I truly want was actually the key to unlocking much greater productivity and in fact the manifestations I wanted began coming thick and fast! Highly recommend Anne-Marie's life coaching no matter what your challenges are!"

Barry Usher
Coaching Client