Anne-Marie Southcombe

One to One

I meet clients in a relaxed non-formal venue where we can sit and chat comfortably and confidentially about their life or a specific area of their life such as career, health, relationships or personal development. The client has an opportunity to explore their agenda fully while I listen carefully, respectfully, intuitively and non-judgmentally. I also ask effective questions to help the client access deeper information or a different perspective. I partner with the client in choosing meaningful, brave and creative goals or the most effective way forward. I provide support, encouragement and accountability. I am passionate about empowering others and life coaching has proven to be an very effective tool in bringing about positive change in a person’s life.

I have coached clients on many different topics...

Increasing Confidence & Self Belief

Enhancing Life Fulfilment

Overcoming Blocks & Obstacles

Career Changes & Development

Youth Life Skills

Entrepreneurship & Business Start-Ups

If meeting in person is not a possibility, Skype or coaching over the phone is also an option.

Appointments must be made in advance

Please note that Executive & Life Coaching is not a substitute for counselling or other talk type therapies.